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Xenia Deli je moldavski model .Rodena je 1989 godine.Krasila je naslovnice svih poznatih casopisa ukljucujuci Elle.Deli started her career with photographs taken by Gavin O'Neill, a fashion photographer, who showed his work to an agency. She got a contract as a model.[2] Deli signed to Elite Model Management[1] in Miami in 2011 and New York City in 2014. Deli picked up a modeling contract with Victoria's Secret after its representatives saw a poster with her picture from another campaign at a store across from their offices. They invited her for an interview and the parties reached a contract.[4]
Deli has been featured on numerous magazine covers, such as Playboy, Love FMD Magazine, Elle Romania, and Sport Illustrated of South Africa. She has also been featured in magazines, including FHM, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Maxim. In 2012 Xenia appeared nude in Lovecat Magazine.Deli has starred in music videos, including "Wake Me Up" of Ionel Istrati and "Thinking About You" of Calvin Harris.[7] In 2015 Xenia co-starred in Justin Bieber's video "What Do You Mean," gaining widespread press attention because of the singer's popularity,[8][9] after the video was released on August 28, 2015.[10]
This was Bieber's first No. 1 hit, according to New York Magazine.[11] After the release of the video, Deli said, Bieber’s fans were not happy to see her with their idol.[3] There was widespread speculation about whether she was dating the singing star.
Deli played a minor role in The Mindy Project. She has said that she likes to watch movies and she loves acting. She is taking acting classes, and her future plans include to play in movies.[2]
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