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Janice Dickinson - Američki model

Janice Dickinson je americki model.Rodena je 1955 godine. Za nju kazu da je prvi SUPERMODEL.While Dickinson claims to have coined the term supermodel in 1979, and to be the first "supermodel",[19][20] the word already was known in the 1940s. The writer Judith Cass used the term in 1942 in her Chicago Tribune article "Super Models are Signed for Fashion Show".[21] In 1943, author Clyde Matthew Dessner used the term in his book So You Want to Be a Model![22]
The New York Times, on March 21, 1967, and The Daily Times of Salisbury, Maryland. on May 19, 1967, referred to Twiggy as a supermodel.[23] In 1968, an article in Glamourdescribed Twiggy, Cheryl TiegsWilhelminaVeruschkaJean Shrimpton, and 15 other models as "supermodels".[24] Syndicated columnist Suzy Knickerbocker in 1970 described Penelope Tree as a supermodel.[25]
The April 23, 1971 issue of The Hour headlined one of its articles "Supermodels Reveal Their Beauty Secrets", including an advertisement with the caption "Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs". The article also says, "The fashion/beauty world is dotted with Supermodels" and "Cybill Shepherd a Supermodel who may turn into a Superstar."[26] Jean Shrimpton was described as a supermodel by Time in 1971,[27] as were Margaux Hemingway by Vogue on September 1, 1975,[28] Beverly Johnson by Jet in 1977,[29] and Naomi Sims in the 1978 book Total Beauty Catalog by K.T. Maclay.[30]
Lisa Fonssagrives[31][32][33][34] and Dorian Leigh, whose careers began before Dickinson was born, have been retroactively recognized as the 20th century's first supermodels.[35][36] Gia Carangi has been called the first supermodel[37][38] as well as Jean Shrimpton.[39][40][41][42][43]
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