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Joan Smalls Rodríguez[2] (born July 11, 1988) is a Puerto Rican fashion model.[3] In 2013, she ranked at #8 on Forbes magazine's "World's Highest-Paid Models" list.[4] In 2011, she became the first Latina model to represent Estée Lauder cosmetics.[5] In January 2014, Smalls appeared on the "Return of the Supermodel" cover of American Elle.[6][7]n 2011, Estée Lauder signed Smalls to its line-up of global beauty ambassadors. She is the first Latina signed to a worldwide campaign for the brand. Richard Ferretti, Estée Lauder's global creative director stated, "The word supermodel is overused, but if there's any woman of our generation who deserves the title, it's Joan. She can go from looking girl-next-door to superchic-tough-strong—and she is all of that."[13][14]In September 2012, Smalls was named "Model of the Year" at the 9th Annual "Style Awards". Supermodel Iman presented Smalls with the award.[18]In 2013, Smalls ranked #8 on Forbes magazine's "World's Highest-Paid Models" list, earning an estimated $3.5 million.[4]
In September 2012, Smalls was ranked #1 on the "Top 50 Models Women" list by Models.com. She remained at the top of the list until August 2014, when the site named her as one of the "New Supers".[6] In January 2014, Smalls appeared on the cover of American Elle and was featured in the article "The Return of the Supermodel: It's Joan Smalls".
In April 2014, supermodel Cindy Crawford posted an update on her Facebook page calling Smalls one of her favorite new models. Crawford wrote, "[...] She has great style—sexy and elegant with a touch of tomboy thrown in! And she showed off her great moves in the "Yoncé" video!"[19]
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