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Agyness Deyn /ˈæɡns dn/ (born Laura Michelle Hollins;[1][2] 16 February 1983)[3][4] is an English fashion model, actress and singer.[5]Deyn's biography claims that she was "spotted" while shopping with fashion designer Henry Holland in Kentish Town, London.[16] She then signed with SELECT model management.
In May 2007, she was featured on the cover of American Vogue, alongside Doutzen KroesCaroline TrentiniRaquel ZimmermannSasha PivovarovaJessica StamCoco RochaHilary RhodaChanel Iman and Lily Donaldson as "The World's Next Top Models."[17] She has also been featured on the covers of: UK Vogue, the Observer Woman supplement, The Sunday Times StylePopGraziaTimeStyle & LifeVogue Italia and numerous other international publications.[18]Related imageIn the 2010 film Clash of the Titans, Deyn played Aphrodite, Greek goddess of beauty, love, and sex.
In March 2011, Deyn appeared as an owl-bearing warrior in Woodkid's debut music video, "Iron".[27]
In 2012, Deyn starred opposite Richard Coyle in Pusher, an English language remake of Nicolas Winding Refn's Danish film of the same name, where she played Flo, a strong-minded stripper.
On 28 February 2012, Deyn played her first role on the West End stage, as Paula in François Archambault's comedy, The Leisure Society.[28] After receiving excellent reviews[by whom?] for her role in that play, Deyn was cast to play the main female role, Chris Guthrie, in a film adaptation of the Scottish-set novel Sunset Song.[29]
In 2013, Deyn played the lead role in Electricity, a film adaptation of the novel by Ray Robinson, about the journey of a young woman with epilepsy.[30] She also starred 2015 in Sony's horror film Patient Zero.[31]Image result for agyness deyn
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